Lullaby 36x36 oil on canvasLow Tide Shimmer 12x12 oil/canvas EVE 12x12 oil on canvas Rose Dhu Beaut 12x12 oil on canvas STOLEN Girl House Camp Cabin 12x12 o/cJane's Sanctuary 12x24 oil on canvas Evening Lullaby 12x24 o/c Turner's Rock 12x24 oil on canvas Living on the Lazaretto 8x16 o/cColor Me Happy  12x24 oil on canvasHappy 36x36xo/cMeandering I 24x24 o/cMeandering II 24x24 o/cMeandering III 24x24 o/cSaffron Marsh 36x36 o/cCalm 12x12 oil on canvas Hope Palms 12x12 oil on canvas Girl Scout Camper 12x12 o/cBethesda Beaut 12x12 o/c Creek life 12x12 oil on canvasLazaretto - framed 18x18 oil/canvas Hope 12x12 oil on canvas Whitemarsh 12x12 oil on canvasLazaretto Packing Co 12x12 o/c Bradley Creek Beauty 36x36 oil on canvas Rivlet 12x12 o/cExhalation II 48x48 oil on canvasExhalation I 48x48 oil on canvasShoo Fly 36x36 oil on canvasO Beautiful Sweet Land 20x20 o/c Marsh Island Stream 48x60 oil on canvas Family of Three o/pMorning Haze 16x20 oil on canvasLet Music Swell the Breeze 16x20 o/cEvening Dunes II 48x60 o/c12x12 oil on canvas $575Marsh Island Run 48x48 oil on canvas 12x12 oil on canvas Lyman Hall Lighting 36x36 oil on canvasSweetgrass No.9 Long Point Complexion 20x20Sweetgrass No.7 Bluffton Shade 20x20Sweetgrass No.2 (Finale) 48x48 o/c O Beautiful for Glory Tale 12x12 o/cSweetgrass No.10 Whitfield Wonder 20x20Sweetgrass No.5 May River Madness 36x36 Let All That Breathe Partake 12x12 o/cSweetgrass No.8 Placid Skidaway 20x20 Long May Our Land Be Bright 20x20 o/cGod Shed His Grace on Thee 12x12 o/cSweetgrass No.13 Hullabaloo 12x12Sweetgrass No. 1 (Long Point Languor) 24x36 o/cSerene Reflections 24x36 o/cEdge of Turner's Rock 22x28 oil on canvasSweetie Ogeechee 12x16 o/pMemorialLazaretto Light 24x48 o/cSweetgrass No.6 Johnny Mercer Lyric 24x48 03-08Meditation 20x40 oil on canvas Savannah Eve 36x96 oil on canvasIsle of Hope Causeway 8x16 o/cTalahi Sweet 24x48 o/cMoon River Distance 36x36 o/cKayaking the Marsh 16x20AlleyWhitemarsh Light 48x60 oil on canvasMarsh Happy 12x12 o/c MemorialMemorialMemorialMemorial BeautyMemorial